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LOA was realized in an intensely intimate moment in June 1997. A moment when many things converged: ideas, feelings, certainties, and even truths. Difficult to explain, the creation of LOA is best expressed in the idea of a songwriter writing a song, taking only moments, in the middle of the night.

The concept to market Love One Another was well received by family and friends but it hinged on one missing ingredient, the logo. Sketches were made but a real artist was needed to bring the idea to life. Funding and other life situations stalled the project. LOA sat on the shelf for the next seven years accumulating notes, variances, and what-ifs.

In early 2004, a friend wanted to make a documentary about God, asking people what they would do or say if they were God. Interestingly, she had a couple of dreams telling her to pass out Love One Another t-shirts to people she interviewed. There were no t-shirts because there was still no logo. So she called a friend and graphic artist, and described the sketches over the phone. A few days later that artist, Gerardo Cantu, designed LOA.

Still in the pangs of infancy is where you find LOA now. This idea needs lots care and nurturing to grow. Please Love One Another.